Low- Or No-Maintenance Industrial Machinery

Industrial manufacturers are constantly battling the high costs of equipment downtime and maintenance. The attached infographic offers a comprehensive look at the financial impact of these challenges and the potential benefits of adopting low- or no-maintenance machinery.

 With U.S. factories incurring $50 billion annually in unexpected downtimes and each hour of downtime costing an average of $260,000, the need for efficient maintenance solutions is clear. Scheduled maintenance occupies about 19 hours per week, and a significant portion of operating budgets is dedicated to these tasks.

The infographic also highlights innovative technologies that can transform maintenance practices, including clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, advanced control systems with IIoT capabilities, AI-driven predictive maintenance, and augmented reality monitoring software.

These advancements can significantly reduce maintenance times and costs, improve equipment reliability, and enhance overall productivity. This visual guide is an essential tool for understanding the critical importance of modernizing maintenance strategies and investing in state-of-the-art industrial machinery to remain competitive in today’s market.

Low- Or No-Maintenance Industrial Machinery was provided by Emerson